GraphQL endpoint for leads

GraphQL schema:

schema {
    query: leadQuery

type LeadGraphQLTO {
    leadType: LeadType
    uid: String
    propertyUid: String
    checkInDateTimeString: String
    checkOutDateTimeString: String
    status: String
    source: String
    bookedDateTimeString: String
    externalBookingID: String

    firstName: String
    lastName: String
    adultCount: Int
    petCount: Int
    childrenCount: Int
    infantCount: Int
    riskScore: Int
    notes: String
    email: String
    phoneNumber: String
    flightNumber: String
    reasonForTrip: String
    preferredCurrency: String
    preferredLocale: String
    city: String
    countdown: [CountDownGraphQLTO]
    order: [OrderGraphQLTO]
    state: String
    hasCompletedPreArrivalForm: Boolean
    agreementSigned: Boolean
    assignee: [AssigneeGraphQLTO]
    property: [PropertyGraphQLTO]

type OrderGraphQLTO {
    uid: String
    rent: [RentGraphQLTO]
    channelCommission: BigDecimal
    fees: [FeesGraghQLTO]
    securityDeposit: BigDecimal
    totalGrossOrderValue: BigDecimal
    creationDateTimeString: String
    rateMultiplier: BigDecimal
    force100PercentPaymentAtReservation: Boolean
    currency: Currency

type RentGraphQLTO {
    extraGuestsNetPrice: BigDecimal
    rentNetPrice: BigDecimal
    taxAmount: BigDecimal
    grossPrice: BigDecimal

type FeesGraghQLTO {
    fees  {
        cleaningFee: {
        netAmount: BigDecimal
        taxAmount: BigDecimal
        grossAmount: BigDecimal
    otherFees {
    grossAmount: BigDecimal
    name: String
type CountDownGraphQLTO {
    countingDown: Boolean
    nextStatus: String
    countdownPercentage: String
    overdue: Boolean

type AssigneeGraphQLTO {
uid: String
    firstName: String
    lastName: String
    bestProfile: String
    email: String
    type: String

type PropertyGraphQLTO{
    name: String
    uid: String
    pictureLink: String

type leadQuery {
    leads(agencyUid: String): [LeadGraphQLTO]
    leads(propertyUid: String): [LeadGraphQLTO]
    leads(propertyUids: ["propertyUid1", "propertyUid2"]: [LeadGraphQLTO]
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