Deprecation and changes to the messaging endpoints

Due to the incoming release of Hostfully's new Inbox, which implies variety of internal changes, Hostfully will change messaging oriented endpoints.
The endpoints were identified as barely used, therefore we expect the impact on our partners to be minimal.

The following changes are gonna take place effective June 30th 2021:

We will turn off the following endpoints in v1:
GET v1/messages/:uid
GET v1/threads
POST v1/messages

We also want to notify about a contract change of the v2 API regarding messaging:

Currently existing endpoints in v2:
GET v2/messages?threadUid
GET v2/threads?leadUid
GET v2/threads/:uid

will be re-introduced with completely new contract and underyling logic.
The ownership of thread changes from lead to agency, meaning API clients will no longer be able to search for threads by leads.
The approach in the new messaging will be oriented around people communication, not a particular lead. There will be a way of querying leads <> theads binding, which is a transistive relation through guests.

What should partners do?
We did not identify any partner who would use messaging constantly.

If messaging is not a critical part of the integration or you are in the process of implementing it, please wait for the exact new contract to be announced. We presume it is going to happen in the last week of June.

However, if it is critical for your integration and you are currently heavily relying on messaging, then please reserve time for migration to the new contract at the end of June and let us know through email: [email protected]