Leads flow

Workflow and terminology

Below there's a status workflow of the lead entity.

There are 3 types of leads in the Hostfully PMP.

  • BLOCK, which is a simple CRUD resource in the PMP blocking calednar
  • INQUIRY, which is a potential reservation, but has not been confirmed
  • BOOKING_REQUEST, which is a request from guest which can be accepted or declined by the property manager
  • BOOKING, which is a confirmed reservation

Lead manipulation

Because lead is a domain object here's a simple instruction of interacting with it.

  1. Creation
    1. You can create lead that is either a BLOCK, INQUIRY, BOOKING_REQUEST or BOOKING.
    2. After creation, BLOCK can only be updated or deleted, and other types of lead are subject to the leads workflow shown on the diagram above.
  2. Updating
    1. You can update CRUD-type of lead data, which is notes and guest information with exclusion of the number of adults/children/infants/pets, by calling PATCH /leads/:uid
    2. You can update lead data like dates, number of guests (and kids and pets) or property by executing an action on the resource, by calling POST /leads/:uid/alteration
    3. You can process lead through the workflow by executing other actions defined and describe din the docs by calling POST /leads/:uid/{action}. Actions correspond to their names in the PMP Pipeline.
  3. Deleting
    1. You can always delete BLOCKs
    2. You can only delete non-BLOCKs if they're in one of these statuses: 'CLOSED', 'CANCELLED', 'DECLINED'

Calendar blocking

Leads block calendar in the following statuses: