Retrieve lead's submitted pre-arrival form

Data from submitted pre-arrival form can be retrieved via the combination of 3 endpoints

  • GET /api/v3/leads?leadUids
    • arrivalLocalDateTime: Arrival Date
    • departureLocalDateTime: Departure Date
    • phoneNumber: Phone Number
    • reasonForTrip: Reason For Trip
    • flightNumber: Flight Number
    • willHaveVisit: Will Have Visit?
    • willHaveParty: Will Have Party?
    • passportId: Passport ID
    • passportCountryCode: Passport Country Code
  • GET /api/v3/extra-guests/{leadUid}
    • firstName: Guest First Name
    • lastName: Guest Last Name
    • age: Guest Age
    • email: Guest Email
  • GET /api/v3/custom-data?leadUid={leadUid}
    • All submitted custom fields for the requested leadUid